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A) Summary of the country information

The capital of Peru is Lima. Peru's official language here is Spanish. Their demonym is Peruvian. The government is Presidential republic. Alan Garcia is the President. Their vice president is Luis Giampietri. Javier Velasquez is the prime Minister. Luis Alva Castro is the president of congress. Independence was earned from Spain and was declared July 28, 1821. Finally recognized on August 14, 1879. The total area that Peru takes is 496, 224.5 sq mi.. The water percentage is 8.80%. The population as of June 30, 2009 as an estimate is 29, 132, 013. The GDP per capita is $8, 594. The currency here is Nuevo Sol(PEN). The time zone is PET (UTC-5). Here they drive on the right. Their calling code is +51.

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